Connecting Communities Small Grant Program

Connecting Communities Small Grants Program

The current COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone in significant and varying ways. The Foundation recognises that now more than every community connection and engagement is needed to support our communities through these challenging times. 

The Connecting Communities small grants program will support community led projects and initiatives that help communities to stay connected during the this pandemic and beyond by reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, foster community connections, increase social participation and inclusion and enhance a sense of belonging.

 Program Outcomes:

  • Increase community participation, access, connection and inclusion;
  • Empower community to identify and respond to local issues and priorities;
  • Foster community spirit

The Connecting Communities small grants program is open from 9 Sept until 9 Oct 2021.

This grant round is currently closed. 

How to apply

The application process is managed online through a system called Smarty Grants. You can access the grant application form here.

Before you commence the application process, please contact the Executive Officer to discuss your proposal.

Before you submit your application: 

1. Please read the Connecting Communitities Small Grants Program 2021 – Info Flyer 
2. Read the Smarty Grants – Help Guide for Applicants  

As an independent and embedded community organisation, our reputation and voice, like our grantmaking, is a tool we can use to create impact in our region. We make grants to support local projects and also bring together and work collaboratively with community groups to increase community capacity and support the growth of this fantastic region.